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padGold and Sterling Silver Chain Galleries.
We will only supply the finest quality chains available on the market today.
We do not sell or stock any plated chains or components.

To Us, chains are a very important support issue for the
enhancement of our high quality pendant, cross and medallion line.
Therefore we never compromise quality for any cost saving measures.

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Chain Component Policy
 (Spring ring clasps, Lobster claw clasps and jump rings)
Our components are solid gold or platinum and the same high quality as our chains.

The integrity of a finished chain depends heavily on all of the components.
Spring rings, lobster claw clasps and jump rings are a big part of the overall cost of a completed chain.

Some clasps and components can be very costly, in the hundreds of dollars.
Yet at most times completely overlooked by many.

Always investigate policies regarding components as well as chain quality.
Insist the components are of the same quality and metal as the chain.

We are extremely proud of our chains as you will be wearing them.
Our patrons have expressed a deep appreciation for our chain quality.
We will never compromise quality for cost.
Our chains will last a life time with proper care.

Tip: Within all clasps is a steel spring that may rust and corrode over time.
Apply #10 light oil on chain clasps. Let the oil penetrate into the clasp & wipe clean.
WD40 or similar oil is fine and will help you avoid an expensive repair.

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Shipping Continuous United States, Alaska and Hawaii.
Prices in US Dollars subject to change without notice.