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Diamond information. Four C's diamond grading chart.
Find gemstone information. Visit our Gemstone pages.

Four C's of diamond grading.
Carat Weight * Cut * Color * Clarity

Carat Weight

Diamond size is determined by its carat weight. One carat is divided into 100 points. A 50 point diamond is 1/2 carat or .50 carats. Carat was derived from (believe it or not) the use of the carob plant seed. See our charts in the drop down info menu's above to get an idea of the physical size of a diamond.

This term is used to describe the quality of the cut (not the shape) of the diamond.

A well cut diamond is better suited to handle light internally creating more scintillation and sparkle (fire).

Proportions and symmetry as well as polish are taken into consideration.


Cut Grades
Very Good Exceptional brilliance with few and only minor outer marks.
Good Good brilliance. Some outer marks.
Medium Slightly less brilliance. Some larger outer marks.
Poor Less brilliance. Large or many outer marks.

A diamonds color is at its best by not showing any color at all.

Diamonds are mined in a range of color, white to faint yellow or brown, to the very rare fancies such as pink, blue and green.
Color Grades
Color Trade Term Color
D Blue White Colorless
E Fine White
G White Near Colorless
H Commercial White
I Top Silver Cape
J Silver Cape
K Faint Yellow
L Cape
N   Very Light Yellow
O Light Cape
R Dark Cape
S-Z   Light Yellow

A Diamond's clarity is determined when viewed by a trained eye under 10 power magnification.

Most diamonds contain internally tiny natural birth marks known as inclusions.

Fewer and smaller inclusions result in increased passage of light.

This is the essence of a diamond's brilliance and fire.


Clarity Grades
Symbol Trade Term Description
IF Internally flawless Free of inclusions under 10 power magnification
VVS Very very small inclusions Very few, very small inclusions under 10x magnification, difficult to find
VS Very small inclusions Some small inclusions recognizable by an expert under 10x magnification
SI Small inclusions Several small inclusions, recognized under 10x magnification
1st pique Inclusion recognizable under 10x magnification. Not diminishing the brilliance
2nd pique Larger and or many inclusions, slightly diminishing the brilliance recognizable with naked eye
3rd pique Large and or many inclusions diminishing the brilliance

Carat conversion charts for gemstones.
Marquise cut gems, Octagon (emerald) cut chart,
Oval cut chart, Pear shape gems, Round cut gems,
Round diamond carat conversion chart

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