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Diamond Information.
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Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April and the gemstone representing the 10th and 16th wedding anniversary. It is derived from the Greek word Adamas, meaning "unconquerable", reflecting a recognition of diamond's superior hardness. Many cultures believe a diamond is associated with the moon and the sun to resemble its colorlessness, brilliance, hardness, and value. The power of a diamond is diminished once it is bought, but preserved and enhanced when given as a gift. They are symbols of love, purity, and faith to some, and to others they symbolize ideas such as power, success, and security. Romance is the image a diamond portrays when reflected in lovers' eyes.


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Refractive Index 2.417
Hardness = 10 (Moh's Scale)
Specific Gravity =3.52
Species - Diamond
Optic Character - Single Refraction.
Phenomena - None

Ultrasonic: Safe
Steamer: Safe
Heat: Good
Chemicals that harm: None


Diamond in matrix (host rock).

Crystal system: Isometric (cubic), octahedrons and rhombic dodecahedrons.


Botswana, USSR, South Africa, Australia, Nambia, Sierra Leone, Zaire, Brazil, China
 January  Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Pearl/Alexandrite
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Sapphire
October Opal/Tourmaline
November Topaz or Citrine
December Blue Topaz or Zircon
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