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Fire Opal Gemstone Information.
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Fire Opal is an appreciated variety of opal that is strongly characterized by its range of color from yellow to orange. The value of this stone is increased when splashes of color are visible inside the stone. Fire opal is not resembled by any other stone.


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Refractive Index 1.45
Hardness = 5-6.5 (Moh's Scale)
Specific Gravity =2.15
Species - Opal
Optic Character - Single Refraction, Aggregate Double Refraction-Common.
Phenomena - Play of color


Ultrasonic: Never use.
Steamer: Never use.
Heat: Very poor; may cause cracking.
Chemicals that harm: Hydrofluoric acid can damage.

Crystal Structure
Mexican fire opal crystal image.
Crystal system: Amorphous. Kidney or grape shaped aggregate.


 January  Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Pearl/Alexandrite
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Sapphire
October Opal/Tourmaline
November Topaz or Citrine
December Blue Topaz or Zircon
Common Cut Examples.

Fire opal crystal image. - Brilliant cut.
Round cut fire opal.

Fire opal crystal image. - Oval shape.
Oval shape fire opal.
Fire opal crystal image. - Pear Shape.
Pear shape fire opal.

Fire opal crystal image. - Trillion Cut.
Trillion cut fire opal.
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