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Mozambique Garnet Gemstone Information
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Mozambique Garnet. All garnets (not just red) are birthstones for the month of January. North American Indians used red garnets as bullets, believing that they would seek blood and inflict a deadlier wound. Christians believed garnet symbolized Christ's sacrifice; Islamics believed it illuminated the fourth heaven. Garnets were thought to stop bleeding, cure inflammatory diseases, and smooth discord. Mozambique is classified in the pyrope garnet species. Pyrope comes from the Greek word pyropos, meaning "fiery-eyed."

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Refractive Index 1.714-1.742
Hardness = 7-7.5 (Moh's Scale)
Specific Gravity =3.78
Species - Pyrope
Optic Character - Single Refraction.
Phenomena - Color change (Rare)


Ultrasonic: Usually safe
Steamer: Risky
Heat: Fair - poor; temperature changes may
cause fracturing
Chemicals that harm: Hydrofluoric acid


Crystal Structure
Mozambique Garnet crystal image.
Crystal system: Isometric, rhombic, dodecahedrons, icositetrahedron.

 January  Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aquamarine
April Diamond
May Emerald
June Pearl/Alexandrite
July Ruby
August Peridot
September Sapphire
October Opal/Tourmaline
November Topaz or Citrine
December Blue Topaz or Zircon
Common Cut Examples.

Antique cut Mozambique garnet.
Antique Cut Mozambique Garnet.
Antique Cushion Mozambique garnet.
Antique Cushion Mozambique Garnet.
Straight baguette Mozambique garnet.
Straight baguette Mozambique Garnet.
Emerald cut Mozambique garnet.
Emerald cut Mozambique Garnet.

Heart shape Mozambique garnet.
Heart shape Mozambique Garnet.

Marquise cut Mozambique garnet.
Marquise cut Mozambique Garnet.

Oval shape Mozambique garnet. 
Oval shape Mozambique Garnet.

Pear shape Mozambique garnet.
Pear shape Mozambique Garnet.

Round cut Mozambique garnet.
Round cut Mozambique Garnet.

Princess cut Mozambique garnet. 
Square cuts.
Princess cut.
Step cut.

Trillion cut Mozambique garnet.
Trillion cut Mozambique Garnet.

Hexagon Mozambique garnet.
Hexagon Shape Mozambique Garnet.

Round cabochon Mozambique garnet.
Round cabochon Mozambique Garnet.

Oval cabochon Mozambique garnet.
Oval cabochon Mozambique Garnet.
Tapered baguette Mozambique garnet.
Tapered baguette Mozambique Garnet.

Half Moon Mozambique garnet.
Half Moon
Faceted Mozambique Garnet.

Heart cabochon Mozambique garnet.
Heart cabochon Mozambique Garnet.

Square cabochon Mozambique garnet.
Square cabochon Mozambique Garnet.

Pear shape cabochon Mozambique garnet.
Pear shape cabochon Mozambique Garnet.


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