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Cultured Pearls Gemstone Information
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Pearl is a birthstone for the month of June and the gemstone representing the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversary. Indians used pearl-adorned swords to honor tears of sorrow wrought by battle. In the 13th century, pearls were known to cure mental illness and heartbreak. Pearls were once thought to be the tears of God, and their shape represented an association between the moon and the sea. The pearl is considered to be an emblem of modesty, chastity, and purity; and symbolizes love, success, and happiness. Akoya saltwater cultured pearls are primarily produced in Japan. They are more perfectly round and more lustrous than most other pearls, which makes them very desirable. Freshwater cultured pearls are primarily grown in China. Rice is the most common shape with a high or low luster, depending on the quality. Round freshwater cultured pearls are also being produced.

Tahitian Cultured Pearl
Naturally "black" Tahitian cultured pearls are among the most sought after and treasured of all gems. Their strong iridescence, velvety luster, and dramatic range of color helps to create the exotic character seen in many of these pearls.

South Sea Cultured Pearl
South Sea cultured pearls are known as the "queen" of cultured pearls. They are produced by a large saltwater oyster, the Pinctada Maxima. The nacre coating on these pearls are thicker than other cultured pearls because they are cultivated for a longer period of time. South Sea cultured pearls are very beautiful and expensive, and have the longest life expectancy of all pearls.

Popular pearls used in jewelry.

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Refractive Index 1.53-1.685
Hardness = 2.5-4 (Moh's Scale)
Specific Gravity = Saltwater 2.72-2.78
Freshwater - Lower than 2.66
Species - Pearl
Optic Character - Aggregate.
Phenomena - Orient.


Ultrasonic: Never
Steamer: Never
Heat: Poor; high heat may cause burning
Chemicals that harm: All acids


Cultured Pearl image.
Cultured Pearl
Japan, China, South Seas

Tahitian Cultured Pearl image. 
Tahitian Cultured Pearl


Tahiti, French Polynesia

  South Sea Cultured Pearl image.
South Sea Cultured Pearl

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