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Brilliant Cut Gold or Sterling Silver Gemstone Bails with rabbit ears.
Have a
gemstone pendant bail installed on your pendant medal.
We will install our gemstone bails on many of our medals to make a lovely necklace for you.

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Basket set mountings.
These gemstone rabbit ear v-bail styles are basket set mounts and are available with many types of gems in 14k gold (shown below), 14k white gold or .925 sterling silver.
Details are the same for both metals.


We recommend installing these on pendants 15 mm high and above in any shape. The largest we have installed them on was 38 mm so they are quite sturdy. These bails finish out at approximately 5/8 to 3/4 inch high. They are listed with 5mm and 6 mm gems depending on the best price value.

What it's about.
We set the gems then install the bail.
Ring eye required on top!
Pendant medal, cross or charm must have a fixed ring eye such as this example.
The fixed ring eye is a permanent part of the pendant as cast or die struck at the factory.

Our shop will gold braze the proper jump ring to attach the gemstone bail.
Instructions. Please review.
There are two methods of adding a gem bail to a pendant.
1. If gem bail options are listed in a pendants review page:
Drop the pendant medal in the cart then follow directions to add the bail of your choice.

2. If a pendant is already listed with gem bails:
Simply proceed to items review page and select the bail of your choice from the drop down menu.

There is a lot of information regarding these bails and the gems used.
We recommend
reviewing this valuable information. Visit our Gem Bail Index>
If you get lost gem bails can be found in the accessories section from the left hand menu.

Basically the only true requirement for installation is that your choice of pendant, be it a medal, cross or charm etc., has a ring eye on the top, such as pictured.
The finished ensemble is magnificent.
This example is a 6 mm Rhodolite garnet with an 18 mm gold pendant medal.

For a good size comparison compare to a penny. The medal shown is 18 mm which is approx 3/4 inch and that is slightly smaller than the size of a penny.

Most gems available with 5 or 6 mm.

An optimum cut one carat diamond is usually 6.5 mm. If 6 mm is to large for you many gems are available in the next calibrated size down.
Click the "Gem Bail Index" link above to view all the gem bails.

Finished example.

Just one more note!
Ensembles ship in plush jewelry gift box.
Go on, take a break!!


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