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Pearl necklace/bracelet sizing chart. 
Number of Pearls Per Inch
Use as a guide for approximate beads required to string a necklace or bracelet.
Note: Pearl Strands are knotted between every Pearl to limit loss in case of accidental breakage.
A 16" Pearl strand actually finishes at about 18" double knotted & with a gold clasp.

Pearls or beads per Inch Chart

MM Diameter

Pearls Per Inch

MM Diameter

Number Per Inch

2.00 mm

12.70 Pearls

5.50 mm

4.62 Pearls

2.25 mm

11.29 Pearls

6.00 mm

4.23 Pearls

2.50 mm

10.16 Pearls

6.50 mm

3.91 Pearls

2.75 mm

9.24 Pearls

7.00 mm

3.63 Pearls

3.00 mm

8.47 Pearls

7.50 mm

3.39 Pearls

3.25 mm

7.82 Pearls

8.00 mm

3.18 Pearls

3.50 mm

7.26 Pearls

9.00 mm

2.82 Pearls

3.75 mm

6.77 Pearls

10.00 mm

2.54 Pearls

4.00 mm

6.35 Pearls

11.00 mm

2.31 Pearls

4.25 mm

5.98 Pearls

12.00 mm

2.12 Pearls

4.50 mm

5.64 Pearls



Carat conversion charts for gemstones.
Marquise cut gems, Octagon (emerald) cut chart,
Oval cut chart, Pear shape gems, Round cut gems,
Round diamond carat conversion chart

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