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Gold Miraculous & Saint Rings.

Many requests for our patron saints and Miraculous Mary rings in gold prompted this very popular line. Our rings have the fine detail expected of die struck medals. Their bright shiny and super finish is achieved with our gold mirror shine process.

GemOptions Gold Ring Information.
GemOptions Jewelry produces all of our fine Christian rings in pure 14k fine grain gold. You will find a wide variety of sizes and styles within our rings section. Below are notes related to our gold rings.

Our gold Saint and Miraculous rings have smooth, no catch, surface and sturdy shanks.
Ships with Plush Black Velour Jewelry Box and Polishing Cloth.
Custom made, allow 4-5 business days to ship.

Ring and medal sizes.
Women's rings are cast size 6, men's at 10. Then sized to fit.
The style of the rings are the same. Men or women can wear either one that fits.

Size being the only difference.
Within the store the same images are used for all sizes, large, medium and small,
as there is no  visible difference in digital images.

Ladies Favorite Ring.
Approx 7 Grams
Sturdy cast shank with a solid shoulder and a 12mm (just under 1/2") round medal.
Available in sizes 5 to 9 and half sizes.

Men's Medium Ring.
Great for Ladies also.
Approx 10 Grams
Sturdy cast sturdy shank with a hollow shoulder and 15mm (about 9/16") round medal.
Available in sizes 8 to 13 and half sizes.

Men's Large Ring.
Approx 18 to 20 Grams
Large Heavy cast sturdy shank with a Solid shoulder and 18mm (just under 3/4") round medal.
This is a Very Large & Heavy Ring!
Available in sizes 8 to 13 and half sizes.

Our rings have heavy cast sturdy shanks.
We do not produce sheet metal rings as they are weak and distort very easily in use.

Note: Some rings can be made in alternate sizes.
Click email in left hand menu to inquire.
Please indicate item number and name.
Five digit item number proceeds pricing in store.




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Shipping Continuous United States, Alaska and Hawaii.
Prices in US Dollars subject to change without notice.