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Care of Pearls.
Like any precious heirloom, pearl jewelry will require some care to preserve its freshness and beauty.

Cleaning pearls.
Occasionally clean the pearls gently with a cloth dipped in alcohol diluted with warm water, or in mild soapy water. Then rinse the cloth in fresh water and wipe the pearls clean. Dry them with a soft cloth.

The following hints will help you keep your pearls looking their lustrous best.

South Sea Cultured Pearl image.

Wait until after applying makeup, perfume, and hairspray to put on jewelry. Some chemicals may harm jewelry.

Tahitian Cultured Pearl image.

Donít allow pearls to rub against harder gems.
Before putting pieces away, wipe the pearl jewelry softly with a clean cloth.

Cultured Pearl image.

For storage, keep the pearl jewelry wrapped in a soft cloth and protected from abrasive objects.

Important note for pearl strand necklaces and bracelets.
Strands will need restringing from time to time, depending on how often they are worn. Consult with your jeweler annually on restringing.

See our pearl information page for more information about pearls.
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