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Silver Pendant Bails (chain loops).
Find prices in the review page drop down for silver medals where offered.

This is a good time to have us braze (solder) the Bail closed so you do not loose your pendant. The factory supplied Bails are 2 to 3 mm rings and not soldered closed. Add a day for our shop schedule and to the usual ship out time. It's worth the extra wait to get the Bail installed properly upfront and save time, money and travel.

Where options are offered you may have our shop install these optional pendant loops (known as Bails) to accommodate different size chains. Select "Optional Chain Loop" prior to adding a pendant to the cart. There is a nominal part and shop charge depending on size. The charge is very reasonable given that most jewelers charge on an average $30 minimum for this premium service. It's a good idea to get it done up front and save yourself the time and money.

Optional V-Style Bails are brazed on with silver solder.
Some images of medals show earlier sheet metal V-Bail no longer used.
These new v-bails we are using are much stronger as they are cast, not sheet metal.
Bails are silver brazed on pendants in GemOptions Jewelry shop.
These bails fit all our optional chains and can be used with our continuous chains.
Continuous chains must be installed while brazing into place.

V-Bail 1 has a 5 x 4 mm ID opening for up to 3.5mm chains.
 V-Bail 2 has a 8 x 5 mm ID opening for up to 4.5mm chains.
They may be widened with a pencil or similar object to slightly increase width for fit.
ID = Inside diameter or measurement.

Optional Cast Rope and Feather Bails.
These bails fit all our optional chains.
Please Note: Can not be used with continuous chains.

These bails do not require brazing.
They are fed through a medals ring eye and crimped over for a strong, secure fit.
The Rope Style bail is 1/2" high and has a 7 x 3 mm ID opening.
The Feather Style bail is 3/8" high and has a 6 x 3 mm ID opening.
ID = Inside diameter or measurement.

ID is the inside diameter.
Optional Split Rings.
Easily secure medals to chains or bracelets with these silver split rings.

Optional round Bails are brazed closed with pure silver solder.
You can choose various sizes of round ring eye's to fit your chain.
Comes in 3, 4 and 6 inside diameter.
ID = Inside diameter or measurement.
It's wise to choose 1 or 2 mm above your chain size for best fit.

Special. Found on the charm configuration pages.

Heart Chain Bail in 2 sizes.
Small Heart Bail, 2.6 x 4 mm opening.
Large Heart Bail, 4.2 x 8 mm opening.
Charm Chain Bail Options

Charm add-ins.
Charm bail options are also available.
Charm Chain Bail Options


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