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About Charm Gems

Charm Gem Jewelry.
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Miraculous Virgin Mary Charm Gem example below.

Note: Most Charm Gems are one sided.
Miraculous Mary must be 2 sided as shown.

Completely fused images in pure crystal quartz.
Our picture quartz is not acrylic, glass, or resin as most others.
We use optically clear quartz for it's toughness and durability.
Lifetime warranty on all of our Charm Gems!

Details about Charm Gems.
Very tough crystal quartz. Moh's Hardness Rating = 7. Toughness rating = Good.
Colors will not fade. Tested out to 304 years, the maximum current technology can test to.

Sample raw crystal quartz cabochon prior to image fusing process.
Shown hazy for visualization.
When the imagery is infused the crystal quartz is optically clear as shown in the finish gem.
Images are completely infused in the quartz for waterproof and shock resistant.
Can be washed with warm soapy water to clean. Can be worn swimming or in the shower.
Not to worry! The image will not get ruined as do images in lockets. They are practically indestructible.

Your personal images can be infused in a charm gem that will last generations.

Family portraits can be infused in Charm Gems & mounted in our rings or pendants.
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