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18k Gold Christian Medals of St. Christopher & Miraculous Mary.
Also view Our Lady of Guadalupe, Perpetual Help and St Theresa medals.
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St. Christopher Gold Pendant Medals.
St Christopher oval 18k gold medal St Christopher 18KY Medal St Christopher 18k gold Medal
St Christopher 18KY Oval Medal St Christopher 18KY Medal St Christopher 18KY Medal
Miraculous Mary 18k gold medal. The most popular medal of all time.
*In 1830 the Virgin Mary appeared to a nun named Sister (now Saint) Catherine Laboure in Paris & showed her a vision of this exact medal, which she directed to be struck & distributed.
Miraculous Mary 18k gold Medal Miraculous oval 18k gold medal Miraculous 18KY gold medal
Most popular medal of all time
Miraculous Mary in 18k gold
Miraculous 18KY Medal Miraculous 18KY Medal
Our Lady of Perpetual Help medal.
Depicts the icon of the same name. One day two angels appeared to the toddler Jesus, holding in their hands the cross and the tools of the crucifixion.
The child Jesus ran quickly to his mother to seek consolation. It is a very popular image among Orthodox Christians as well.
Lady of Perpetual Help 18k gold medal Lady of Guadalupe 18k gold medal Saint Theresa 18k gold medal
Our Lady of Perpetual Help 18KY Medal  Our Lady of Guadalupe 18KY Medal Saint Theresa Medal.
The "Little Flower."
Our Lady of Guadalupe medal.
In 1531, Mary appeared to Juan Diego in what is now Mexico City. She left a miraculous image of herself on the robe (tilma) he was wearing which survives to this day. It can be seen in the magnificent basilica in Mexico City which is visited by 20 million pilgrims per year. Scientist are unable to explain the image or how it got there. The medal is a reproduction of the image on the tilma. Mexico
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