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Cross and Crucifix Gallery. Needs work.
Christian religious jewelry in gold and silver cross and crucifix necklace pendants.
Gold Religious Crosses
Holy Spirit & Symbolic Pendant Gallery>
You will find many Christian styles such as the gracious Dove and the Cross™ by designer Roger Bernsen.®
Take a tour in this Gallery to find a high quality symbolic assortment of pendants the whole family will enjoy for years to come.

Orthodox Crosses
Orthodox Cross Gallery>
Orthodox Crosses, also known as Byzantine crosses, are favorites of Eastern Orthodox Christians, both Greek and Russian. Also find - Top bar, Dagmar, Phos Zoe and Jerusalem Crosses.
Click image above or if you prefer
Go directly to Orthodox in the Store Front>

Gold Crucifix
Gold Crucifix Gallery>
In 14k white, yellow and two tone gold.
The cross with the body of Jesus (corpus) hanging on it. The INRI inscription at the top is the Latin initials for Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorem, which means "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews."
You may wish to go directly to the Store Crucifix directory. It is well laid out with three categories of 14 karat crucifixes in "Two Tone Gold", "White Gold" & "Yellow Gold".
Direct to Gold Crucifixes in Store>

Enjoy your tour of our Christian cross line.


Gold Crosses in the Store>
There are so many gold cross categories in the store that this link is going to take you directly to the Cross directory.
You will three main cross categories,
"14k Gold", "Sterling Silver", & "14k White Gold" crosses. "Orthodox" is also in this directory as there are four pages of Orthodox crosses in yellow and white gold as well as blue fired Orthodox crosses.
Enjoy your tour of our Christian cross line.

Methodist Flame Cross
Methodist Flame Cross Gallery>
This magnificent cross has a distinctive design that incorporates the flame of the Holy Spirit with the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Also available in white gold.


Celtic Crosses
Celtic Cross Gallery>
The Celtic cross is also called the Cross of Iona as it was probably taken from Ireland to the Island of Iona in the Irish Sea in the sixth century by St Columba. The Celtic Cross appears throughout Europe at crossroads and market places.

Claddagh Crosses 
The Claddagh Cross.
Christian Pendant Symbols Gallery>

Also find
not done yet Needs work.


Maltese, Tau and St Bridget's Cross
Symbolic Crosses>
Maltese, Tau and St Bridget's Cross
Maltese Cross is the symbol of the Knights of Malta and Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.
not done yet Needs work.





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