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Patron saint gold rings.
Your Favorite Patron Saints in Gold Rings
Patron Saint Rings in solid 14K gold featuring:
Saint Christopher gold ring.
Saint Michael gold ring.
Saint Jude gold ring.
Saint Florian gold ring.
Saint Joseph gold ring.

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St Christopher ring.
St Christopher ring St Christopher gold rings.
A large man from Palestine, he worked for a while helping travelers ford a raging river, sort of like a human ferry. One day a small child asked for this service. Perched on Christopher's shoulder, the child grew heavier and heavier as they crossed the stream. Reaching the other shore, Christopher asked him "Who are you, that you placed me in such peril. It seems I was carrying the whole world on my shoulders". The child replied "You not only carried the world, but him who made it. I am Jesus Christ the King". Travelers
St Christopher ring.
Saint Jude Thaddeus ring.
St Jude gold ring St. Jude gold rings.
One of the twelve apostles, known as the saint of the impossible. Many people who find themselves in desperate circumstances will ask St. Jude to intercede with God to obtain help with their problem. Hospitals
Saint Jude Thaddeus ring.
Saint Michael Ring.
St Michael Ring St. Michael gold rings.
One of the Archangels, he is the very popular patron saint of policemen. His name is Hebrew for the question "Who is like God?" He is usually represented in the act of defeating the devil, recalling his battle with Lucifer, leader of the fallen angels who rebelled against God in the beginning of creation. Radiologists
Saint Michael Ring.
Saint Florian Ring.
St Florian Ring St. Florian gold rings.
Held a high administrative post in the Roman Army. In the 4th century, the emperor Diocletian began a fierce persecution of the Christians. Florian was tortured and killed in what is now Austria. He is the very popular patron saint of Firefighters.
Saint Florian Ring.
Saint Joseph Ring.
St Joseph Ring St. Joseph gold rings.
Husband to Mary, foster father to Jesus. Scripture records little of him except to say that he was a "just man." He was privileged to receive four visits from angels & promptly acted on their commands. Dying, Workers, Universal Church
Saint Joseph Ring.


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