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Solid Sterling Silver Cross Gallery.
Celtic, Methodist and Orthodox Crosses.
shiny celtic crosses silver methodist cross silver orthodox cross
Silver Celtic Cross. Silver Methodist Flame Cross. Silver Orthodox Cross.
Claddagh Cross.
Richard Joyce, captured by pirates the week he was to have been married,
made the original Claddagh, so he would never forget the girl he loved.
The heart is for love; the crown, loyalty; and the hands, friendship.
silver crucifix of stakes stakes cross claddagh cross
Crucifix of Stakes. Cross of Stakes. Claddagh Cross.
Mariner's Cross.
In seafaring societies, the anchor means hope and security in a storm.
People readily associate this symbol with Jesus.
Amidst the many uncertainties of life, faith is the only sure anchor.
large silver cross silver mariners cross silver cross
Silver Cross. Mariner's Cross. Silver Cross.


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