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Saints Silver Medal Gallery 1.
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St Christopher and St Michael silver medals.
Religious sterling silver Christian patron saints medals.
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silver Saint Christopher oval medal silver Saint Christopher large medal silver Saint Christopher medal silver St Christopher blue glazed medal silver St Christopher high sheen medal
Saint Christopher medal.
1 Size Medium
Saint Christopher medal. 2 Sizes.
Large & Super.
Saint Christopher medal.
1 Size large.
Saint Christopher blue glazed medal.
1 Size.
Saint Christopher ultra shiny medal. 1 Size.
St Christopher silver medals.
A large man from Palestine, Christopher worked for a while helping travelers ford a raging river, sort of like a human ferry. One day a small child asked for this service. Perched on Christopher's shoulder, the child grew heavier and heavier as they crossed the stream. Reaching the other shore, Christopher asked him "Who are you, that you placed me in such peril. It seems I was carrying the whole world on my shoulders". The child replied "You not only carried the world, but him who made it. I am Jesus Christ the King". Patron Saint of Travelers
silver St Christopher round medal silver St Christopher large round medal silver St Christopher medal silver Saint Michael medal silver Saint Michael badge
Saint Christopher medal.
1 Size at 1".
Saint Christopher medal.
1 Size Super large.
Saint Christopher medal.
1 Size.
Saint Michael medal.
3 Sizes.
Saint Michael
1 Size.
St. Michael silver medal.
One of the Archangels, he is the very popular patron saint of policemen. His name is Hebrew for the question "Who is like God?" St Michael is usually represented in the act of defeating the devil, recalling his battle with Lucifer, leader of the fallen angels who rebelled against God in the beginning of creation. Radiologists, Policeman Saint.

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