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Saints Silver Medal Gallery 2.
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Saint Florian silver medals.
Religious sterling silver Christian patron saints medals.
St Anthony, St Francis and St Florian silver medals.
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silver Saint Anthony medal silver Saint Francis medal silver Saint Florian medal silver Saint Florian badge silver Saint Florian round medal
Saint Anthony medal.
3 Sizes.
Saint Francis of Assisi medal.
1 Size.
Saint Florian medal.
1 Size.
Saint Florian badge.
1 Size.
Saint Florian medal.
2 Sizes.
Saint Florian Medal.
Held a high administrative post in the Roman Army. In the 4th century, the emperor Diocletian began a fierce persecution of the Christians. Florian was tortured and killed in what is now Austria.
Patron saint of Firefighters.
Saint Anthony of Padua Medal.
Also called the wonder worker.
A Franciscan preacher who lived in the 13th century. Saint who helps people find lost objects.
silver Saint Jude Thaddeus silver Saint Gerard medal silver Saint Matthew medal silver Saint Peter medal
Saint Jude Thaddeus medal.
1 Size.
Saint Gerard medal.
3 Sizes.
Saint Matthew medal.
3 Sizes.
Saint Peter
3 Sizes.
St Jude, St Gerard, St Matthew and St Peter silver medals.
St Francis of Assisi Medal.
Embracing the cross of Jesus. Merchants
Saint Jude Thaddeus.
One of the twelve apostles, known as the saint of the impossible. Many people who find themselves in desperate circumstances will ask St. Jude to intercede with God to obtain help with their problem. Hospitals
St Gerard Medal.
Expectant Mothers
St Matthew Medal.
Bankers, Tax Gatherers
St Peter the Apostle

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