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Silver Saint Ring Gallery 6.
Sterling silver rings.
Solid sterling silver Christian religious ring jewelry.

St. Michael Sterling Silver Ring.
St. Michael Sterling Silver Ring

St. Michael Ring.

One of the Archangels, saint Michael is the very popular patron saint of policemen.
His name is Hebrew for the question "Who is like God?"
St. Michael Ring, is usually represented in the act of defeating the devil, recalling his battle with Lucifer, leader of the fallen angels who rebelled against God in the beginning of creation.
Radiologists, Police

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St Michael Round
Silver Ring.
Our Lady of Fatima Sterling Silver Ring.
 Lady of Fatima Sterling Silver Ring
Our Lady of Fatima Ring.
In 1917, the Virgin Mary appeared for six consecutive months to three children; Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta.

At the last appearance on October 13th, in front of 70,000 people, she worked the great miracle of the sun, saying on that day, "I am the Lady of the Rosary."

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Our Lady of Fatima
Round Silver Ring.
St. Barbara Sterling Silver Ring.
St. Barbara Sterling Silver Ring
Saint Barbara Ring.

Architects, Stone Masons, Gunners
Dying, Firemen, Miners

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St. Barbara
Round Silver Ring.
 St. George Sterling Silver Ring.
St. George Sterling Silver Ring

Saint George Ring. Depicts fighting the dragon.
Very popular saint of the Boy Scouts.

Boy Scouts, Soldiers, Farmers, England

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 St. George
Round Silver Ring.
Our Lord Jesus Sterling Silver Ring.
Our Lord Jesus, Have Mercy on Us Sterling Silver Ring

Our Lord Jesus Ring.
"Have Mercy on Us".

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Our Lord Jesus
Round Silver Ring.
Ecce Homo Sterling Silver Ring.
Ecce Homo Sterling Silver Ring

Ecce Homo (Face of Jesus) Ring.
No lettering.

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Ecce Homo
Round Silver Ring.
St. Francis of Assisi Sterling Silver Ring.
St. Francis Sterling Silver Ring
Saint Francis Ring.
Embracing the cross of Jesus.
Merchants, Italy

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St. Francis
Round Silver Ring.


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